Anand Joshi Random thoughts & Stories Developer|Blogger|Musician|Traveller

A little about me :

  • I was born and brought up in one of the liveliest cities on this planet - Mumbai.
  • A self-taught amateur musician, I can play up to five different instruments.
  • An impulsive backpacker.

My Work :

  1. MetLife, Tokyo | Senior Software Developer | February 2019 - Present
    • Currently working on a sales platform used by agents to quote and illustrate various insurance products.
    • Meta data driven and highly configurable system built using Java/Spring/AngularJs/NodeJs.
    • Responsible for new feature development, bug fixing and building onsite team in Tokyo.
  2. Rakuten, Tokyo | Senior Software Application Engineer | January 2017 - February 2019
    • Payment Platform: Responsible for one of the most crucial services in Rakuten processing millions of transactions per day. Developing transaction processing systems by abiding by the PCI DSS compliance.
    • Event Management Platform (EMP): Onsite technical lead responsible for design, development, code review, bug fixes, feature planning etc. Played a key role in scaling the platform to integrate various other internal Rakuten systems using agile methodologies. Full stack engineer with technologies like AngularJS, Java (SpringBoot), Redis, JBPM, Talend ETL tool etc.
    • Rakuten Ichiba Billing: Automated parts of this project dealing with data checks and data manipulation, thus reducing human dependency and reducing operational cost and risk
    • Certified Rakuten scrum master
  3. Nomura Services India Pvt. Ltd. | Developer | July 2014 - December 2016
    • Enhanced existing legacy Risk v/s Finance reconciliation tool to onboard firms other reconciliation requirements. Architectural changes to overcome legacy issues. Onboard and setup new reconciliations with new auto commenting requirements. Significant improvement in performance and memory utilization of the tool.
    • Received Nomura quarterly STAR award for providing off the shelf solution to auto code new rules using python's panda framework. Nominated for the Nomura Annual STAR award 2016
    • Lead a team of 6 interns to create a database deployment automation tool.
    • Developed and designed a dashboard for the Production Support team that automated tracking and reporting of the issues saving roughly 3 hours of the team every day. Globally used by more than 60 users.
  4. FinalDesk | Co-Founder | January 2014 - August 2016
    • Co-founded a training-cum-internship program for engineering students to help them with technical trainings, interview preparation, soft skill development and internship opportunities
    • Developed a placement training program and delivered it across Mumbai University colleges and trained over 1500 students.
    • Started a blog to share articles on how to prepare for interviews. Led a team of 11 interns for content creation and social media marketing.
    • Developed mobile apps and a website to enable students to prepare for their interviews.

My Projects :

  1. Adaptive Traffic Control System
    • Designed a smart traffic control system using OpenCV image processing library. Built a prototype on Raspberry Pi
    • Presented a paper which won an award in the Institute
  2. URL Shortner
    • Created a small django app to minify urls. Link to the blog post
  3. Property loader
    • A smart and simple open source project to read property files
  4. Linux Love
    • Useful linux customizations and utilities