I ain’t a writer and nor do I intend to be one.
Maybe I am a story, perhaps I am a song.
Maybe I am a poem or maybe I am just a (b)log – a diary if you may call !

Still not sure why exactly am I writing this ? Maybe it is just one of those fits that I get when I run 10kms straight, right before an exam and of course fall ill the next day during the test (Oh yeah – it was a very important test for which I had prepared for over months) or just climb a mountain even when the locals warned us not to and get myself and my bitch ( Well , he is a bro but I call him a bitch because he bites ! ) almost killed !

I haven’t yet made any commitments on writing, I am not even sure how many posts I can make it. Well, this could be the shortest diary maybe having this only post ! ( let’s hope not ) or this could be a live story and a legend that unfolds !

That's me !

-- A Cheesecake lover