If there is one thing that the news channels have taught us in past few years then it is – to criticize and to criticize unsparingly.

Criticism is a good thing, for it points out drawbacks. It tells us where the problem is. At the same time, one should not forget that over-criticizing too can have ill effects.Criticism should be constructive. It should look to solve the problem and not make it worse.

It is now a known fact that news channels exaggerate and modify the news to make it sounds more whacky ! ” Every headline should be a breaking news ” – that has become their motto and hence they tend to over speculate cases. So do not be quick in forming your opinion the next time, you see a ‘ Breaking news’. Take these matters with a pinch of salt.

Because of the constant criticism and disparagement of the Indian political system, I see the belief of young minds faltering. It is filled with suspicion, confusion and hesitation. This certainly is not the kind of environment that is healthy for the young minds of our nation.

Criticize Government, politicians and India in general – It is good to point out flaws in the system if you find any. Criticism is important but if there is something more important than that then it is “Solutions to these problems” ! You see everyone talking about problems these days but seldom anyone talking about solutions to these problems.

So my message to everyone is that criticism is good. One should criticize but just criticizing the system and not finding solutions for it – is itself a problem.

There are two things you can do when you’re unhappy with the system :
1) Keep your bloody mouth shut and suffer in silence.
2) Pick up the broom and start cleaning it yourself. Don’t just sit and rebuke others get up and tackle the problem !