“We all are a hero, if only we chose to be one”

She wasn’t pretty in a conventional sense. She knew that and even if she tried to forget it her classmates would constantly remind her of that. It didn’t matter to her for the most part until that pageant night which had altered the path of her life forever.

The world watched her in awe and admiration as she stepped into the dais, exactly twenty years from that horrific incident, it was nothing like a miss universe show but much grander than that for America was swearing in her first ever female president !

She knew half of them hated her, a narrow victory margin and the slandering banners in the public made sure she doesn’t feel at home ! Slowly but steadily she climbed onto the podium. Each gaze in the crowd reminded her of that night when she had walked up on the stage only to be jeered and derided her way to the bathroom for the rest of the evening.

“Fat b!tc# thinks she can take part in a beauty contest” She had heard as she had tried to suppress her sobbing.

Just as she was about to collapse out of this disquiet, she rolled out that old paper she had scribbled after being bullied and abused in the hall. It read.

“People are going to hurt you , tell you that you’re incompetent, treat you like you’re some piece of shit. A fool will get > into an altercation with them, a wise one will ignore them but a Hero will challenge them !”

Just another day , another challenge but the same hero !

After what felt like an eternity, she cleared her throat, faced the crowd, took her oath and began her speech –

“You can make the best or the worst of it ! I hope you make the best….”

With an aura and attitude like that, she looked even prettier than a Miss Universe !

– A Challenger