“You’re so engrossed in your little world
A castle that you’ve built up with a pack of cards
Whiling away your time to chase things that won’t matter to you when you have it
but sadly you don’t realize that now ,
So go and get what you want , do what pleases you,
Just remember that someday you will have it all, be on top of the world but
none of that will matter because no one will have time for you !”

Lyrics :

You can eat your money
And you can drink your dime
All your friends are busy
Nobody’s got time

where is all that glory ?
And where is all that fame ?
Oh it is such a shame
Nobody’s got time

I’ve done somethings
Things I am not so proud of
But I will face it
I ain’t a coward

I know it hurts
But I can’t change the time
I wasn’t there for you
I need you to forgive me now

And I will do it all …
To fix it all…that I can

But I can’t eat my money …
I can’t drink the dime
All my friends are busy
I wish I could go back in time …

— A man who once lost to time