“Forgive not becase they deserve forgiveness but because you deserve a peace of mind”

And I know things won’t be right at times, the people you treated so well, you gave all your heart and soul to won’t do right to you or worst strangle you, treat you like you’re some piece of a disposable bag.

Every thought of it just fills you with anger and disgust. After all is this what you get for being so nice ? Is this what the world has to offer for your love, your care, your honesty ? You start to slip in this pit of darkness and wrath.

I know it will be freakin difficult to get out of it. You say you’re nice and genuinely a good person ? Can I hear that once again, you said: “A nice person” - then go and freakin prove that NOW ! It is so easy to love when things are right , it is so easy to be honest when you have nothing to lose , so easy to say you’re nice when you never got an opportunity to be bad. NOW is what matters.

You might ask,

Why is life not fair to me ? Why did such things happen to me ? Why ? Now don’t sit and cry around like a baby. Life is and will be unfair. That’s why you have hands and some cripples don’t. You have a family while others don’t. That’s why you had an education and someone to look after you, food, shelter and proper meals, some people didn’t even get that ! STOP making this about YOU ! Accept it and move ahead.

You might ask,

Why is it so easy to lie and not be honest ? Why is it so easy to hate and not love someone ? Why ? Because freakin losers and cowards choose the easy path. You are better than this. You - yes you. Look me straight into the eyes - I am talking to you. Tell me right here, right now. Repeat with me.

  1. ” I will be nice not because I have to, but because I am. “
  2. ” I will forgive not because they deserve forgiveness, but because I deserve a peace of mind. “
  3. ” I am better than this and I deserve better. “

It’s okay if others or that person thought of you as some peace of dirty rock, they haven’t seen the diamond in you.

Now go and shine, brighter than ever before. Forgive and forget. There shouldn’t be regrets. This has made you a better person if not a wiser and stronger one !

It’s time to shrug that dust off your wings and it’s time to FLY !