"A backpack and a guitar is all I need !"

The new year had just set in. Some were filled with a fresh hope of a new start while others were gulping down yet another cup of a black tea to sober down their inebriation. It had been a tough or if I could paraphrase - an adventurous year for me. A strange feeling - the one that lingers and echoes in you when the heart and the brain are having a tussle was constantly nagging me. Damn them - why can’t they call it a truce ? With this strange feeling, 2 bags and a one way ticket I left home on the 5th of January 2017 to the land of the rising sun - Japan.

They said I was mad and I surely felt like one after just moving to Tokyo. It certainly isn’t amusing when you’re awaken early morning on your first day by an earthquake, your phone’s data card ditches you when you need it the most. You have to set up an apartment from scratch without having a friend or family to help you and best of all you can’t really communicate with anyone for you both don’t speak a common language.

Four months and two solo backpacking trips later, I can only say that whatever happened - It happened for the best. So here’s a little song, straight from heart, played on a Yamaha GL1 - Guitalele. The song is called - Backpack & Guitar


I packed my bag and took my guitar,
old country roads and night shining with stars,
who wouldn’t know, the sweet smell of sunshine,
and I wouldn’t miss, miss my city life,

You need a break, a time for yourself ,
go and get out of your comfort zones,
it’s okay if you feel lost, It’ll be worth finding for,
there are somethings that travelling teaches - which ain’t there in any book,

there won’t be a better time, now is always a better option,
don’t drench yourself, in a pond of regrets,
if it bothers much then take a leap of faith, nothing gained if nothing’s ventured,
You’ve got one life - so live it to its fullest !

Some memories:

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Nagano - Snow Monkey Park
Pacific View
Nagano - Ryo Ski Park
Izu - Road tripping
Mount Omuro
Ahoy Captain

-- A Backpacker