"With the dawn of sun you may evaporate but your essence shall flow through my veins forever"

“Pa I can’t sleep” came a timid voice from a curled up blanket. “Me too” replied Pa in his deep yet a soothing voice. The little two-legged creature sprang out of her bed, her hair almost kissing the floor, and rushed to snuggle up in her pa’s lap. It was a very special bonding shared between this 80-year-old man and his 5-year-old granddaughter.

“Let me tell you a beautiful story” - “a story” lit up her blue eyes! “Yes - a love story,” said Pa in his husky voice. “But I don’t know what is love, Pa”. “Neither Did I..” chuckled the old man.

He picked up his guitalele and started.

I am gonna tell you a story..
story of mountain and a river..
listen closely my daughter..
story of him and her..

He was a boulder, taller than sky..
little did he move when the tide was high..
She was a river, narrow and shy..
gushing through the canyon as years passed by..

“But Pa, how can river and Mountain come together ?”

A thousand years passed by..
the river dried out and that’s when the mountain cried !
Now he misssed her..
Oh he wish, he had kissed her..
so he looked up into the sky..
and made a wish in his cry..

“And then there were dark clouds and thundering !” Frightened, she covered her eyes.

Pa, continued..

It rained almost for a month. When the dark clouds cleared and the bright sun came, there lay a beautiful blue lake in the crater up above the mountain.

She filled his crater - that river..
pouring herself from the skies..
living happily forever..
the mountain and river

“Aren’t you two sleeping now ??” - yelled the lake from another room !

– Dedicated to my river, now my lake